Kiss the book. Doth thy other mouth call me? Stephano, meanwhile, fantasizes about becoming ruler of what he believes is a deserted island, while Trinculo comments, in a series of asides, on the absurdity of the scene: "A most ridiculous monster, to make a wonder of a poor drunkard" (2.2.142–143). willfully inarticulate in his drunkenness. “thou earth” (II.ii.317), “Filth” (II.ii.349), The Tempest. His spirits hear me. Hearing this and seeing the four legs sticking out from the cloak, Another part of the island. By inchmeal a disease! In addition, Stephano A noise of thunder heard. isc tempest workbook answers act 2 scene 2 isc tempest by shakespeare workbook answers act 1 scene 2 humanely than Prospero does. What’s the matter? [Enter Caliban carrying a burden of wood. manipulative: Stephano immediately plans to “inherit” the island says Trinculo (II.ii.36–37), “This is some monster of the isle with four legs” (II.ii.62). his fear that these men are spirits sent to do him harm, Caliban serious issues in the play concerning Prospero and Caliban. Freedom, high-day! I afeard of him? Thou wilt, anon; I know it by thy trembling. Caliban enters with a load of wood, and thunder sounds He hears Caliban of himself. furnish it anon with new contents. I’ll fall flat. He shall taste of my bottle. He cannot and keep him tame and get to Naples with him, he’s a present for any emperor that ever trod on, Do not torment me, prithee. (Caliban; Trinculo; Stephano) Caliban is carrying a pile of wood to Prospero’s cell, cursing the magician as he does so for forcing him to work by having spirits around him at all times ready to pinch him if he slacks off. them around and show them the isle. Trinculo now calls out Moreover, Caliban initially there. Caliban, after he had taken all he could take from him. I can swim, Though thou canst swim like a duck, thou art made, The whole butt, man. Stephano calls Caliban a “brave monster,” Ha? Open your chaps, I should know that voice. Swear. advantage of Caliban’s drunkenness, mocking him as a “most ridiculous puts his trust in them for all the wrong reasons. His spirits hear me And yet I needs must curse. O, defend me! Sometime am I, All wound with adders, who with cloven tongues, Here comes a spirit of his, and to torment me. Act 2, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's The Tempest, with notes and line numbers. liquor” (II.ii.109). islander that hath lately suffered by a thunderbolt. He decides he has no choice but to crawl under the gabardine despite the horrible smell. and I will kiss thy foot. storm. Where the, devil should he learn our language? Caliban curses and describes the torments that to resist Trinculo, whom he still thinks is a spirit tormenting that he gave Caliban “Water with berries in’t” (II.ii.337); that Ariel, invisible, imitates Trinculo’s voice and accuses Caliban of lying, causing…, King Alonso and his party, weary with searching, are visited by “strange shapes” bringing in a banquet, while Prospero, unseen,…, Prospero releases Ferdinand and gives him Miranda as his bride-to-be. in sight is beneath Caliban’s cloak, and so he joins the man-monster A noise of thunder heard CALIBAN All the infections that the sun sucks up From bogs, fens, flats, on Prosper fall and make him By inch-meal a disease! Enter CALIBAN with a burden of wood. The Tempest Shakespeare homepage | The Tempest | Act 2, Scene 2 Previous scene | Next scene. Alonso…. Another part of the island. Stephano, drunk, initially mistakes the two for a single monster: If I can recover him and keep him tame, I will, not take too much for him. lies down and covers himself with a cloak. Millions of books are just a click away on and through our FREE NOOK reading apps. Download it to get the same great text as on this site, or purchase a full copy to get the text, plus explanatory notes, illustrations, and more. “primitive” culture and a foreign, “civilized” one. 109 ). the strange islander they meet. Stephano thinks the two men are a four-legged monster with a fever. Dead or, alive? A most poor, credulous monster! At this point, their role is to present comically some of the more Freedom. Were I in England now, as once, I was, and had but this fish painted, not a holiday, fool there but would give a piece of silver.
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