How to Choose AHA vs. BHA . If your issues are deeper, like cystic acne or just acne in general, you'll want to use either BHA or an AHA/BHA … It is made with naturally derived alpha-hydroxy acid and beta-hydroxy acid… Best for Acne: Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner Best AHA for Acne. When choosing between AHA and BHA, it comes down to the way in which you want the products to work along with your skin concerns. Common AHAs found in skin-care products like toners, moisturizers and cleansers are glycolic acid and lactic acid and the most common BHA is salicylic acid. However, it is not as irritating as glycolic acid (the strongest AHA… Products With AHAs TimeWise Repair® Revealing Radiance® … The main BHA exfoliants you'll see in skincare products are: Salicylic acid: The most common BHA, and also the strongest BHA. The SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser elegantly buffs away dead skin cells and improves skin tone and texture. To help you narrow down … This AHA toner exfoliates away pore-clogging debris on the face using a potent formula containing both BHA and AHA… However, this BHA-AHA crossover acid is often found alongside either glycolic or lactic acid for an extra boost of exfoliation. 7.
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