It is a healing stone of tranquility and peace, bringing calm to the bearer. Place an Angelite stone on your third throat chakra meditate for 20 minutes daily, and see how its high vibrational frequency will help strengthen your communications skills. We all know that a clear and open mind can have major health benefits and this is also true of the angelic stone of Angelite. Photograph by Jem. In the metaphysical world, Angelite stones are all about connecting with the spiritual realms and soothing your physical energies. Angelite helps with communication with your angels and Spirit guides. Healing Properties of Angelite. While Angelite delivers most of its strength when it comes to spiritual healing properties, it also doesn’t shy away from physical healing too. Angelite healing properties can bring clarity and aid anxiety. Angelite is a relatively ‘new’ stone in the crystal healing world, and it has made itself known at a time when many spiritual healers are hearing the call to assist earth and all its creatures. Angelite is said to help attune the user to the angelic realms and to facilitate angelic contact. Holding angelite while meditating can make it easier to enter into meditative states. Angelite is a super connector to the angelic realm (hence the name) as well as all other dimension beings. Physical Healing Properties. It radiates serenity, helping you to shift into a peaceful state of mind. Healing properties for Angelite. Here are a few crystal healing properties associated with Angelite: Angelite helps you to connect with your spirit guides, higher self, totem animals and the angelic realm. This stone creates a sense of relaxation and spiritual growth.
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