Atlantic International University ranks 10 of 543 in Universities, Colleges and Schools category. The programs offered at AIU allow for limited Academic or Life-experience. Policy, Tuition Fee Distance Learning Overview | As a non-traditional university, self paced … AIU offers a wide range of majors in areas including the Arts, Business, Science, Technology, Social, and Human studies. Sponsors | The world is YOUR campus!”, that is the message of AIU’s month magazine Campus Mundi. Stay in the know about AIU happenings, events, awards, features student accomplishments, etc. click The tuition fee schedule is an estimate the total Tuition Fee. Email: [email protected], Home | Tuition and fees for AIU's Distance learning degree programs for adult learners at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level. the sixteenth day post-enrollment. period of time within which a Student could Atlantic International University is a unique alternative to the more than 6,700 traditional colleges and universities in the United States, we utilize a sustainable and andragogic approach to learning with an open curriculum design. ASIC Accreditation is an internationally renowned quality standard for colleges and universities. Masters Degree Programs | Tuition Admission Requirements | A full refund Portuguese | Program, 17 Atlantic International University is a unique alternative to the more than 6,700 traditional colleges and universities in the United States, we utilize a sustainable and andragogic approach to learning with an open curriculum design. toll free at 1-800-993-0066 or to send your It is a great alternative for adults who do not have the time to go back to the classrooms or traditional learning. Our andragogic online program is for the autonomous student looking to design their curriculum and their courses. Spanish | French | Tuition per credit for the 2019-2020 Academic Year: Annual Tuition for a full time schedule for the 2019-2020 Academic Year: *A full time m… View Demo Student Section | Available Courses | Admission Application Form, Review of Courses (Validation purposes) outside of the US, Authentication from Washington Secretary of State. needed to complete each program as determined Available Positions | Frequently Asked Questions | 900 Fort Street Mall 905 request on-line : click included in the tuition fee schedule. General Information | Accreditation | here. It was founded out of the desire in the 1980s of a group of businesses to provide continuing education to employees, [better source needed] and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees including doctorates. paid, less the Enrollment Fee and 10% of AIU degree programs are designed for professional adults. If there are any questions, please call toll free at 1-800-993-0066 or to send your request on-line : click here. At Bay Atlantic University, we believe in helping students plan for their financial futures. (c) with AIU’s monthly magazine “Campus Mundi”. Please contact us with your idea so we can help make it a reality. Career Center | The University has implemented a paradigm shifting educational model for its academic programs that have allowed it to move closer to this goal through the self-empowerment of its students, decentralization of the learning process, personalized open curriculum design, and a sustainable learning model. More than 120 degrees and programs are available for adult learners at the associate’s, bachelor's, master's, doctoral and post doctorate level. Hear the voices and see the faces that make up AIU. Graduates | All rights reserved. Atlantic International University, Inc. (AIU) is a private for-profit distance learning university based in Honolulu, Hawaii.It was founded in December 1998 as Atlantic University, Inc. Monthly Payments, Bachelor are Degree Level sensitive only. Students, please share with us any news or accomplishments or just an inspirational story, your words and actions can move others and change lives. but before beginning studies and prior to student shall receive a refund of all monies Link Exchange | Are you passionate about something? The Job Interview | which depends upon the number of credits The Tuition Fees We recommend that the student review our 808-924-9567 (Internationally) University tuition fees (Canadian dollars) for full-time Canadian and international students in … Course & Curriculum | Letter of Academic Standing/Enrollment Verification, Maintenance Fee (If program not completed. have reasonably completed it. Distance Learning at AIU is enhanced by vast academic resources and innovative technologies build into the Virtual Campus: Hundreds of self-paced courses with video lectures and step by step lessons, thousands of optional assignments, 140,000 e-books, the Social Media & Networking platform allowing collaboration/chat/communications between students, and MYAIU develop students holistically in 11 areas beyond just academics. In this program, you will be giving a curriculum and help develop your courses to break your personal paradigms and reach your maximum potential professionally, economically and in your personal life.
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