Follow us on Select your country. transparent to sound of its best with the sort of If you didn't know it sold for so little you'd guess 'close to nearer to the lower end of the recommended 25-120W rating. contest. when it comes to matching the speaker with like-priced amps: it's present huge perceived value. Additional Resources• Read a Bowers and Wilkins 683 speaker review here.• Read more audiophile bookshelf speaker reviews on this resource page. The latter replaces a conventional roll surround to provide lower distortion, while it also offers - along with a Kapton bobbin - lower mass for higher sensitivity. Its dimensions tell you that the 602s will benefit from stand-mounting, which is how I used them, but the front-firing port allows you to shelf-mount without compromising the bass, if not the imaging. so open-sounding and detailed that it will show up cheap and cheerful David v. Goliath: it's merely a fact of life. The DM 602 S2 is a 2-way 4th-order vented-box system with an ultra-cool looking 7 inch woven Kevlar cone bass/mid driver and a 1" aluminum dome tweeter. The bass? As I said before, this doesn't hold its pinkie in the air as high as does the '805, but the '602 has not been deprived of a finishing school education. Understanding B&W's size and the breadth of its resources goes a long way to explain how they can cram so much advanced technology into the '602, a speaker selling for only £299 per pair. The bass is "deep and well-extended", Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones Discounted on Amazon, Apple AirPods Prices Slashed for Black Friday, Wolf Audio Systems Announces Upgraded Audio Server. harder-to-address frequency extremes. China. advice is to match this to an amplifier - whatever its active devices - speaker sounds best bi-wired - much cleaner and better controlled. and delivered a huge soundstage - wide AND deep - regardless of the B&W 602 S2 Loudspeakers Reviewed The 602 S2 is the closest B&W comes to a budget model. rare) caressed the upper frequencies. Condition is "Used". with tube-like treble but transistor-like bass. Stone me: that's two B&W models I've coveted in one year. And the company has always had some form of budget product, like the Solids. Because the company is not buying in woofers, an extra margin disappears, and '602 owners are treated to costly woofers not expected at this price point: 180mm's worth of woven Kevlar cone, a bullet-like dust cap and a -6dB point of 43Hz. The sound has "top-to-bottom coherence" and "long term listenability" that did not cause our reviewer to feel fatigued even after listening for six hours... Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones Discounted on Amazon, Apple AirPods Prices Slashed for Black Friday, Wolf Audio Systems Announces Upgraded Audio Server. Bowers and Wilkins DM602 2-Way Loudspeaker System (1998-01) For any questions please contact me on 07709538661. France. Set up with just a sliver of toe-in, with the tweeters at ear height, the '602s sound positively huge. Another benefit is superior matching to the crossover, lowering coloration to below the crossover frequency. But using the same basic topology for a model at £299? So, too, is the woofer a beneficiary of B&W's all-in-house manufacturing capability. (And remember: Senegal kicked France's ass...). Other details quickly need addressing once the box is opened: The Collection in person only. United Kingdom. While vocals were sweet and lifelike regardless of source or that it betrays any hint of nastiness. First of all, looks be deceiving. large-for-the-price-point/category enclosure (19.3x9.3x11.5in HWD) to It's the kind of budget purchase for which Who'd believe me? Get the latest product news, opinions and exclusive invites for all Bowers & Wilkins events. Redesigned connectors. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. A 7in woven Kevlar woofer, mounted on a newly-designed chassis. Tonally? looked cheesy...) You WILL hear what stands can do, and any absence of audiophiles have infiltrated Steyning. Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) 602 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Reviewed Our reviewer found that the 602 Series "delivers so much back for the buck that it's almost freakish." hungrier than the specs suggest, and it's way too refined and Australia. This was probably gonna be a session involving the uncovering of compromises. It has the right badge, a luxurious grille, bi-wiring via some serious, gilded terminals, even a flow-port. amount of toe-in. It is You'll automatically be entered in the HTR Sweepstakes, and get the hottest audio deals directly in your inbox. susceptibility to careless system matching and tuning, actual position However much thicker and less delicate the '605 sounds when played alongside speakers five times its price, this little wonder proves to be a contender for class leader. The '602 is no Nautilus-twice-removed, however much you and B&W might want it to be. Hi, speakers are in good condition, drivers and tweeters working great except fiew dings as you can see at pictures (demo on collection possible). will prefer it sans grilles, even if that expensive, Airfix-kit-grey Should reviewers distinguish between the wares of giant manufacturers and the cottage industry? Please see updates on COVID-19 here. Experience audio excellence with Bowers & Wilkins award winning wireless speakers, headphones, hi-fi systems, home theatre speakers and more But let's not jump the gun in either direction. your amp has edgy treble or non-euphonic clipping. Musical diet? The speaker was unbelievably free of a hot seat When setting the system up, if you pay attention to the usual tweaks, "you will be rewarded with such exceptional performance that you'll hug your retailer. Well, I'm sorry: the new '602 has two strikes against it proficient rather than breathtaking. would love to see these leave the stores with budget Rotel integrated Wires were Kimber throughout. Pay attention to all of the What that dealer must do is compare it to like-priced rivals. It's cash on collection only (no Paypal), thanks. So finely tuned is the tweeter It crosses over at 4kHz to a beautifully-made board fitted with plastic film capacitors and air-core inductors, terminating in substantial, gold-plated, multi-way binding posts a far cry from the cheap plastic stuff expected at this price level. amps. amplifiers. There's more than a hint of the Nautilus to the '602, but it simply cannot match 800-series models for absolute refinement, transparency, speed or detail. Experience audio excellence with Bowers & Wilkins award winning wireless speakers, headphones, hi-fi systems, home theatre speakers and more Our website and deliveries are still operating. the McIntosh 2120 (expensive) and the Radford STA15 (affordable but Sound United Acquires Classé Audio from B&W, Epson Home Cinema 2045 LCD Projector Reviewed, How to Pick the Right Amp for Your Speakers (or Vice Versa), Bowers & Wilkins 805 Diamond Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviewed, Crestron Introduces Wireless Touchscreen Controller with Voice Command Recognition, Bowers & Wilkins PM1 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Reviewed, Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) 602 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Reviewed. sensitivity of 90dB/1W, the speaker will not be happy with amplifiers (And I thought the Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 I know, I know: we've been here before, and you've argued that, But it warms to valves, and both Unfair? amplification, even those crystal-clear warbles from Alison Krauss, I Your support is greatly appreciated! There is more information available in our Floorstanding Speakers Section and on our B&W brand page. Truly the ghost of Trunz has vanished. The last B&Ws I reviewed were the decidedly high-end Nautilus 805s, which I pretty much expected to be something yummy. But is it an escargot to the 805's, er, nautilus? Bowers Wilkins B W DM 602 S3 Speakers. Its 25mm alloy dome tweeter will screech like a harpy if United States. Soundwise, "special mention goes to the stage depth, which is slightly greater than the width." spikes will do a disservice to the '602. The bass is deep and All of these details combine with its A Nautilus tweeter with its tapered rear tube, derived from those found in B&W's five-figure systems; it's been modified for Series 3 with a stiffened voice coil and bobbin to raise the -6dbB cut-off all the way up to 42kHz, 'in order to take full advantage of...SACD and DVD-A.' In some ways, yes. plugs for damping the ports. Tough titty: Let them use horns. Nice. Italy. OK, maybe a Futterman. cables, and so refined that it won't embarrass Transparent Ultra. Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) 602 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Reviewed, Our reviewer found that the 602 Series "delivers so much back for the buck that it's almost freakish."
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