CO 2 removal is also an essential step in many industrial processing operations such as coal gasification, natural gas processing and hydrogen manufacturing. The absorption of carbon dioxide into aqueous ammonia solution using packed column was studied experimentally. The absorption of carbon dioxide into aqueous ammonia solution using packed column was investigated. The overall absorption rate (Φ) and the volumetric overall mass transfer coefficient (K G a V) were investigated.The overall absorption rate (Φ) varies with the process parameters, including manipulated temperature, gas flow rate, liquid flow rate, aqueous ammonia … The process of interest is the absorption of carbon dioxide into dilute solution of caustic soda using the armfield UOP gas absorption column. Keywords: Packed column, modeling, simulation, gas-absorption, Q-Basic, carbon dioxide - sodium hydroxide system. Removal of high concentration CO2 from natural gas at elevated pressure via absorption process in packed column. Journal of Natural Gas Chemistry 2012 , 21 (1) , 7-10. Thus far, absorption is the widely used process in industrial for capturing CO 2. The model attempts to show that the rate of absorption can be determined exclusively by material balance consideration. Carbon dioxide (CO 2) is a major greenhouse gas that results in the climate change.Hence, efforts are in place to control CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere. absorption system. The gas absorption unit is pilot plant scale unit designed to demonstrate the principles of gas absorption and for students to investigate the principles of packed tower absorption processes and hydrodynamics as well as provide practical training in the operation of gas absorption plant. Introduction Chemical reactor design is based on the modeling of reactors and of the reactions that take place in them (Levinspiel 1972). A mathematical model is a simplified image of
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