In Singapore, it’s widely known as hotplate tofu 铁板豆腐 because it is stir fried separately and then served on a hot plate for the wonderful sizzling effect. Plain silken tofu will not turn golden and crispy and it tends to disintegrate easily. We were looking for a rectangular shaped egg tofu but to no avail so we decided to make our own. Although egg tofu is the foundation for the recipe, if you can’t find egg tofu or you don’t eat eggs, you can replace the egg tofu with five-spice dry tofu.At worst, you can use medium or medium-firm block tofu if you cannot find egg tofu or five-spice dry tofu.I wouldn’t use silken tofu because you cannot pan fry silken tofu; it will fall apart. Meanwhile, heat up a oiled pan or hot plate. Watch our step-by-step video here and refer to the ingredient list below for your easy reference. Some recipes are so simple, and yet the dishes are so delicious you are willing to beg for more. Pour in the cooked tofu and vegetable. And since recently I am trying to cook quick and simple homecooked dish within a S$20.00 budget for "2 Dishes and 1 Soup".I decided to try out this “ Salted Egg Tofu ” which surprisingly turns out well received. Remove when it turned golden brown and set aside. The first time I had this, I was very impressed with this new way of enjoying tofu. Coating the egg tofu with cornflour not only make it crispy, but also prevents the oil from splattering during the frying process. For deep-fried tofu, you must get the egg tofu. Serve immediately. How to substitute egg tofu. Add in the cornflour mixture to thicken the sauce. Or you can just copy and share this url. Stir-fry till the vegetables are cooked and stock is almost absorbed. Add in all the vegetables and stir- fry till half cooked. Add in the tofu. Then bring to a boil. Add in the oyster sauce, sugar and stock. My inspiration for making this dish comes from my craving on Salted Egg Prawns which I have not eaten for quite sometime. This Stir Fry Tofu is a really yummy zichar style recipe. Now add the fried egg tofu and the seasonings. Note: COOKING TIPS. Pour in the the beaten egg and swirl around to make sure the egg covers the whole pan. Tofu with crispy sweet radish was made popular recently when one of the chze char chefs made it available to the public. Ingredients. Dust the tofu with corn flour and deep fry. In a wok, add 1 teaspoon of oil, sauté the garlic until fragrant. 1 pack Silk soft tofu: 3 Large eggs: 2 stalks Green Onion: or spam about half cup ham: half or chili if prefer spicy Red bell pepper: 1tbs of oil for cooking Oil: 1tbs of oil for heat it hot and use before serving Oil: 1 tsp for sauce Soy Sauce: 1 tsp for sauce Oyster Sauce: 1/2 tsp for sauce Sugar: 2 cloves garlic
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