Namola … Watch how to use the Namola in-app chat feature to get help fast in an emergency. With features like family tracking and a network of public and community-led responders, Namola helps people feel safe and #GetHelpFast in any emergency situation. How does the Namola app work? How does Namola work? For genuine calls, Namola … The free 24/7 crime response app answers and pre-screens calls to alleviate some work from emergency response teams. Namola acts as an intermediary to victims of crime in South Africa and 10111 centers. Namola is a three-way communication system that links users, officers and the TMPD control room in a way that enables faster response times and a more efficient flow of … The Namola Panic Tracker is available for a once-off fee of $97.74 or $5.52 per-month. No problem! When you request assistance through the Namola app using the panic button, the Namola team immediately sends your request to local law enforcement … Can't in an emergency? Namola is South Africa’s most downloaded, used and highly rated safety app.
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