factions Now, the Chosen One had a new quest - to save his people from the hands of the Enclave. Some of them tried to resist the attackers and were killed, and Hakunin was seriously wounded. The Vault Dweller taught the others the skills they would need to survive and grow strong: hunting, farming, and other skills to feed them; engineering and science to build their home… part of Nous allons en profiter pour réaliser quelques quêtes secondaires pour aider notre peuple. Kill the ants and get the plastic explosives. Other They wandered the desert but never moved far from the mountains that shielded the vault from the rest of the world. On January 16, 2208, several years after Pat's death, the Vault Dweller wrote their memoirsand vanished soon after, presumed dead. In Fall 2242, the Chosen One managed to enter the Enclave using a damaged tanker and destroyed the Poseidon Energy platform, killing the President of the Enclave and severely setting back the Enclave's plans for world domination. Finish Temple of TrialsRetrieve the GECK for ArroyoFind Vic the TraderMore... It is here that the player leaves their tribe bearing the quest to find the G.E.C.K., and prove to be their salvation. Dans la tente à droite de la tête de statue géante, parlez avec Jordan qui s'amuse avec sa lance (image12). ". While the Chosen One was on his quest, on July 20, 2242, Arroyo was attacked by Enclave soldiers in Vertibirds, wearing power armor and armed with energy weapons, and the villagers were captured and brought to the oil rig. sections Il peut ainsi vous augmenter de quelques points votre statistique de corps-à-corps. Arroyo In many rural communities, arroyos are the principal roads, and in many urban communities, they are important multi-use trails for recreation and pedestrian and equestrian travel. She ruled with a steady hand, and her wisdom was greatly respected. Juste à côté se trouve le fameux jardin, dans lequel vous distinguez des espèces de plantes carnivores (image4). Site Two days later, he left his home village to find the ancient device. It is a secure home thanks to our hard work. The surviving people of Arroyo and Vault 13 were free. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Vault Dweller (2167—2208)Arroyo elder (2208—2242)Chosen One (2242—?) Si vous possédez au moins 7 en Agilité et au minimum 4 points d'action, discutez avec Poing Ferme devant la tête de statue géante (image11). Two days later, she ascended to the role of village elder. The term usually applies to a mountainous desert environment. ". After the Enclave oil rig's fragmentation, the refugees of Arroyo and Vault 13 resettled, building a new community with the aid of the 'holy' Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Temple of TrialsVillageHunting groundsThe Canyon For Fallout 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "can you really save arroyo? The tribe grew strong with their help. Vous trouvez ces éléments un peu partout sur le terrain de chasse, la zone juste à gauche du village (image5et6). Hakunin Mynoc, the young warrior standing immediately next to the bridge, will offer to sharpen the Chosen One's spear before their departure, requiring a piece of flint for the job. That turned out to be quite an undertaking, but on the other hand, as far as I'm concerned Fallout 2 is the best computer game ever made.. Initially, they would send scouts back toward the Vault, to help others who thought like themselves, but that slowly came to an end. Arroyos can be natural or man-made. She underwent a great deal of physical training and tutoring in various sciences, mathematics, and weapon skills. The clean group were the dwellers of Vault 13, who were reunited with their long lost Arroyo brethren in Enclave prison cells. Tout près de la tente de la doyenne, vous apercevez un puits endommagé (image2). You can also talk to him and with some manipulation maneuvers and luck he will let you go out without fighting) and then go and talk to the elder of … Dès que vous avez le silex, retournez auprès du garde du pont pour qu'il affûte votre lance. The Chosen One gets here with a G.E.C.K. Arroyo Allez donc la trouver devant la tente en bas à gauche du village (image10). Avec un bon score de perception, vous remarquez que sa lance est différente de la votre. The Vault Dweller taught the others the skills they would need to survive and grow strong, such as hunting, farming, engineering, and warfare. Use your Trap skill to disarm the plates; 25xp each. The elder, having read a G.E.C.K. The Vault Dweller and spouse initially led the village. quests They knew little of the outside world and would have likely died if it were not for their knowledge and experience. arcaves.map (Temple of Trials)artemple.map (outside Temple)arvillag.map (Arroyo village)ARVILL2.map (deserted village)ARGARDEN.MAP (Hunting ground)arbridge.map (The Canyon)ARDEAD.map (broken bridge) The Enclave needed the tribals for their FEV experiments. The Vault Dweller left the jumpsuit behind, folded on the bed. They needed two test groups: one of clean, pure humans; and another composed of the "mutants" that lived all over the mainland, suffering radiation and FEV exposure for decades that, to the Enclave, made them unclean. Fallout 2 settlement L'endroit est infesté de geckos : si vous êtes un bon combattant, n'hésitez pas à faire le ménage pour gagner de précieux points d'expérience. She ran the gauntlet in the Temple of Trials, using her charm to pass most of the tests after her handgun jammed and was ruined on the first level. These can be brought to Hakunin to be synthesized into healing powder. map name Arroyo post 2242. Gardez bien à l'esprit que ces poudres de guérison vous soignent, mais diminue aussi votre perception durant quelques instants. The canyon which the rope bridge extends across bears ancestral drawings likely created by past - possibly present - tribe members upon the establishment of the village. On July 25, the Chosen One began his mystic test, descending into the Temple of Trials, just like his mother had many years before. map marker Two months later, the Vault Dweller headed north, to the great canyons, with a small group of former dwellers and wastelanders, and founded the village of Arroyo. The bridge connecting Arroyo to the wasteland serves as a metaphorical gateway for the Chosen One. The central village portion of Arroyo serves as home to most of the tribe. After this, the Vault Dweller removed their jumpsuit, never to wear it again. Il vous demande de lui ramener son chien Fumace, qui s'est perdu sur le terrain de chasse. It is possible to talk the way through Cameron with high enough Speech and Charisma, as he is determined to make sure the entrant endures the trials of the elders. Over time, their ragtag group turned into a minor tribe. We founded the Village, beyond the great cliff. Posez-lui toutes les questions que vous voulez pour en apprendre un peu plus sur votre mission. Obtain flint to have Mynoc sharpen your spear, Rescue Nagor's dog, Smoke, from the wilds, Kill the evil plants that infest Hakunin's garden, https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Arroyo?oldid=3352978. Arroyo is a settlement located in southern Oregon and founded in 2167 by the Vault Dweller following their exile from Vault 13 by Overseer Jacoren. Some say they were taken by the sky spirits, others say that the Vault Dweller felt it was time to move on and leave the … The unclean sample was easily obtained by kidnapping the entire population of Arroyo. The rest of the homes belong to generic tribesmen and women. in 2242, it would eventually rise in power, becoming a large city under the NCR. advertisement in her father's old holodisks, decided that her son must be sent to find it, as it was the village's only hope. In 2188, their daughter, who later became the Arroyo elder, was born. Hakunin's tent and garden - which has been infested with man-eating plants - inhabit the northwestern corner of the map, while the Village Elder's tent lies just south and west. In May 2162, the Vault Dweller returned to Vault 13 after defeating the Master and his army, only to be exiled for fear of encouraging others to follow their example and leave the vault. Technical in hand. CNK. Sauver Fumace, le chien de Nagor, du désert. When the Chosen One returned to the village, he found it almost completely destroyed and found a dying Hakunin among the dead bodies. Si vous possédez une lance dans votre inventaire, dirigez-vous vers le gardien du pont, tout en bas de la carte (image9).
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