In the futur proche, the negative words personne, nulle part, ni, and aucun go after the infinitive, not before. ), If a conjugated verb begins with a vowel, ne becomes n’. Native & verified teachers; Free trial lesson; Learning materials included; Eleonora B. For example: Ne fais pas ça! The most common negative construction in French is ne + verb + pas, although there are also other phrases we can use. In the passé composé, the second negative words personne (no one), nulle part (nowhere), ni (neither/nor), and aucun (none) + noun go after the past participle, not before. The most basic way to make a sentence negative in French is to place ne before the verb and pas after it. Ne stays in the same place. Let’s start with the most basic way to form a negative sentence. Pas can be replaced by other negative words, such as jamais (never), personne (no one), and rien (nothing). Schedule a lesson. Read on for everything you need to know about negation in French grammar, then test out your new knowledge in the free exercises. Take online language lessons with a professional teacher. This is known as elision. (They don’t have a dog. For example: Vous n’allez rien faire ce weekend. ), In a sentence with an object pronoun, like it, him, or her, the placement of ne changes like this: subject + ne + pronoun + verb + pas. (We saw no one.) Schedule a lesson. In French, you need two negative words, ne (no) and pas (not), to make a sentence negative. Our lesson here will help you to understand this. With Lingolia Plus you can access 6 additional exercises about Negation, as well as 588 online exercises to improve your French. Here’s the formula: Subject + ne + conjugated form of être or avoir + past participle + personne/nulle part/ni/aucun. When the verb is inverted, pas follows the subject pronoun.. 2. Other ways to make negative sentences in French, word order depends on pronouns (see the diagram on the, La phrase négative simple – structure (1), La phrase négative simple – structure (2), La phrase négative simple – structure – pronoms (1), La phrase négative simple – structure – pronoms (2), La phrase négative simple – constructions négatives (1), La phrase négative simple – constructions négatives (2). Other ways to make negative sentences in French. Here’s what else you need to know in order to make a French sentence negative: The two negative words are placed around (before and after) the conjugated verb, like this: Tu ne joues pas… For example: Ne fume pas! Unfortunately, Pierre doesn’t have a single friend. Je ne danse pas. Nous ne travaillons pas. A negative sentence (une phrase négative) allows us to negate a statement, express disagreement, make contradictions or deny the occurrence of an event or action. Have a question? To make a sentence negative in French you have to use two negative terms. If the objects are replaced by object pronouns, the same rule applies as with declarative sentences: Before vowels (a, e, i, o, u) or a silent h, ne becomes n’. (He didn’t travel.) ), If a verb is followed by a preposition, as in jouer avec (to play with), the placement of pas/second negative changes like this: subject + ne + verb + preposition + pas/second negative. She currently teaches French at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. The first one is "ne" (or "n' " if the word begins with a vowel) and the second one can be the most common "pas" or an other like "plus", "rien", "jamais", "personne". For example: Nous n’avons vu personne. Don’t let the children get used to sugar! ), In a negative command, ne and pas surround the verb, regardless of the absence of subject in the sentence. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks.
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