Green tomato and plum chutney 21-09-2012, 05:54 PM I've got an abundance of the above (tomatos won't ripen for some reason) does anyone have a recipe which combines both? Please don't let that turn you off, though! Better to make a modest batch once a year. Fingers crossed, this is our last year in our current house (probably, you know how these house moves go – nothing is certain until you get the keys). Three freshly made gourmet sausage rolls; tender British pork, plum and port chutney wrapped in golden puff pastry. Once opened I keep mine in the fridge (I have short on cupboard space), but it will be fine for a … Onion, red plums, and dried cranberries combine to create a decadent condiment perfect for the winter months. As with any chutney, your spiced plum chutney will keep for years, but may start losing flavour after a year, so it’s best not to keep it too long. Will keep up to 3 days in the fridge, or suitable for home freezing for up to one month (allow 12 hours to defrost). Having a few jars of this chutney in your store cupboard means you will always have those red fruit flavours on hand to jazz up a cheese board, or as a piquant accompaniment to cut the richness of chicken liver pate or even some duck confit. I’m planning to make spiced damson chutney and damson gin but these are barely enough to make dent and so this year there has been jam too – a caramelised boozy jam of damsons and port. This recipe works for pretty much any type of red plum or damson, and the chipotle chilli gives it a beautifully warm finish to balance the sweetness. Plums make a wonderfully rich, dark chutney reminiscent of barbecue sauce. That said, this chutney is excellent served with pork or red meat. This spiced, deep-hued chutney would make a lovely accompaniment for pork, beef, or lamb. The flavor profile is much deeper and more complex than any barbecue sauce you can get at the store. Brown sugar, cider vinegar, grated fresh ginger, black mustard seeds, and salt give the chutney its spicy-sweet flavor.
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