28. Read up on the traditions of another cultural group 29. Documenting this history with Aboriginal people is important for ensuring places of cultural heritage significance are protected in local areas. 32. Make a commitment to expand knowledge about culture, cultural competence and the various dimensions of culture in your organization. Make a playlist on spotify of other culture’s music 33. Cultural and Natural Heritage (UNESCO, 1972). It is also an important way for Councils to value, promote and build community awareness about the Aboriginal heritage of a local municipality, while demonstrating tangible support for reconciliation. Make a commitment to develop an understanding of the various cultural groups within communities served by your agency. Also, there is no doubt that ‘cultural and heritage resources in particular play a key role in the development of urban tourism’ (Page, S & Hall, CM, 2003: Chapter 3). We have been hearing for a few years about benefits of CPEC and that many countries are interesting in investing in it. The real challenge is to promote this culture and heritage and I think CPEC is the best way to do it. As a manager, spending a few minutes asking your employees about their culture goes a long way towards increasing your awareness of their heritage, as well as promoting employee engagement. However, culture has greater meaning and should be applied to both dominant and minority populations in … Study the meaning of … 2. Ten Things You Should Do To Promote Cultural Competence 1 1. With that, here are 5 ways you can promote cultural awareness in your office today: 1. Spread the loveBy Matthew Lynch A primary goal of culturally responsive education is to help all students become respectful of the multitudes of cultures and people that they’ll interact with once they exit the educational setting. Films promote, preserve culture, heritage: Damasane. Putting all this together, Media Information Literacy (MIL) becomes crucial to promote ancient local traditions, culture, heritage for others to know, learn and replicate. Defining Culture Often, people define culture only as it relates to the art and heritage of Native or Indigenous People. Learn to appreciate people’s differences 31. Cultural heritage consists in performing and overseeing all of the activities that fall under the responsibility of the Administration of Cultural Heritage, in order to promote the knowledge of the national heritage and to ensure the best conditions for use and enjoyment of the heritage itself by any audience, to stimulate the development of culture. Barcelona is using several strategies to promote itself; with the most important strategy being destination branding, where the cultural and heritage aspect plays a leading role. These country nationals are the ones that we need to target to promote our culture and heritage. So simple, yet so infrequent. Research your own cultural background 30. 3. By newsday - September 25, 2017. Ask Employees About Home. Make cross-cultural friendships.
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