He gave it to me for 50 cents and I put it in an old aquarium, set up with rocks on one side and a good pond of water, since Sally the salamander still had fluffy gills. Marbled Salamanders have chunky bodies with shorter limbs (at least when compared directly with other salamanders). Would wet paper towels be safer than soil in order to prevent fungus? The home you provide for your salamander or other reptile can serve as an artistic outlet, which is why you should take the time to do it right and have fun! One day, I saw a little tiny mud puppy hanging out in a goldfish tank at a pet shop and decided I wanted to have it, instead of letting the store owner kill it. The tank is a standard 30 gallon long 36 inch tank. I have two huge fire salamanders over 8 yrs. I'm just telling you this so you know the basic care for either species is the same. My questions are is it safe to house slimys together or could one possibly eat another? Tiger salamanders are mole salamanders and will remain buried a lot of the time. According to how the animals are raised, they can be hosted in a terraquarium or an aquarium (with rocks or roots above water level). Also, especially since you have a cat, you should buy a wire mesh lid for the tank. Ideal temps for them? I think you digging him up is stressing him out, that's why he won't eat for you. Description: Marbled Salamanders grow to about 3.5-4.25 in (9 - 10.7 cm) in size and are stout-bodied and chubby in appearance. Don't get anything under 2 1/2 gallons to start out, though the preferred minimum should be 5 or so gallons. Moss isn't really the best substrate for him either. Marbled slamanders, like tigers, belong to the family ambystomatidae which is commonly named mole salamanders ( they share the genus Ambystoma too! I am interested is setting up a terrarium for 4 slimy salamanders. ). Your salamander should have room to walk around. This particular Marbled Salamander’s markings are greyish in color rather than white. Tank size depends on the size of your salamander, but ten gallon tank or larger is optimal. Depending on the way you set up your tank and the type of filtration system you use will determine the amount and type of substrate you will want to use. They have black bodies with contrasting white or grayish colored bars and stripes on their backs and heads. The initial setup needs to have a 50% emersed area and 50% submerged area. The size of the tank depends on the number of animals held, but indicatively a 120x40x30cm aquarium can be used for 3 couples. Similar to aquariums, terrariums and aquascaping, it enables you to engage in something akin to world-building. I have two tiger salamanders in a ten gallon tank. This species is sexually dimorphic, males tend to have white crossbands and females tend to have gray/silvery crossbands. They can be identified by their black/dark brown body (including its venter) with light white/silvery crossbands on the dorsum. These are considered medium-sized salamanders and will grow to be around 5 … Most will come to the surface when they're hungry. Building a salamander vivarium can be a rewarding experience. I am now alternating between a dirt habitat and a rocky habitat for them.
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