Leaves a crystal-clear finish that won’t change the color of your floor When using this product, take note that the drying time should be at least two hours before you can walk on the floor. If your floors … … Hopefully, you don’t have to deal with years of grime and paint splatters as I did. Requires no sanding or special preparation. The most time-consuming part of the job is cleaning the hardwood floors to prep them for the Minwax Reviver. VOC Content: Maximum VOC of 275 g/L: Cleanup: warm water and soap: Recoat: after 3-6 miesiącach. Apply with a damp painter's pad or synthethic applicator with long handle. Took about 1hour to apply, and at least 3 hours to let it dry. … Prepping the Floor. Refer to polyurethane for floors to resurface damaged wood floors. We cleaned it thoroughly, and applied the reviver with a microfiber mop. The water-based formula is easy to clean-up and dries to touch … Stronger and more durable than a polish. … More so, you will have to wait for 24 hours before putting back the furniture. Dry Time: 2 hours for light foot traffic; 24 hours to replace furniture: Coverage: About 16-20 sq.m per litr. Clear High Gloss finish is ideal for hardwood floors. Minwax Hardwood Floor Reviver quickly and easily renews the beauty of hardwood floors that are dull, scratched or showing signs of wear. We used this product on a hardwood floor after the carpet was removed.
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