Her work has also recently appeared in Sunset and 5280. Valued in America’s western ranges for their hardiness and ability to thrive in sparse native grasslands, Rambouillets bunch up tightly to sleep, which gives them a higher degree of protection from predators than breeds that spread out when resting. Helle Rambouillet, (ram-boo-ley) is a third generation sheep ranch located in beautiful Southwest Montana. Hi, thanks for stopping by. “Merino sheep are known for their ability to grow finer-micron wool," he said. merino wool.” “The differences are negligible,” said vice president of marketing David Petri. In one corner: traditional merino wool from New Zealand, Australia or South America. In terms of fleece qualities, think of Rambouillet as a Merino cousin with a bit more bounce. Duckworth sources all its products from one ranch, Montana’s Helle Rambouillet, and it’s darn proud of it. Up to now, Rambouillet sheep raised in the Rocky Mountain West have been the stars of the American-made wool movement. “We use New Zealand merino because it’s the best quality,” he said. Canadian Subscribers - Click Here Outi Pulkinnen, design director at Duckworth, also supports precise labeling — but for the opposite reason. Breed Name: Rambouillet: Other Name: Also known as the French Merino and the Rambouillet Merino sheep: Breed Purpose: Meat, wool: Special Notes: Very hardy and strong animals, kept for both meat and wool production, well suited to almost all climates, well known for their superior wool and near-mutton breed characteristics While Rambouillet wool has a more matte surface than Merino, it takes colors clearly and well. “In the U.S., the term ‘merino wool’ is understood to mean merino-grade wool of similar quality.”, Mike Stepanek, key accounts sales manager for Icebreaker, sees these questions as something of a family matter, like a squabble among siblings. Buy this book from our store: The Field Guide to Fleece. “It’s a lot like dogs — it’s the difference between a golden retriever and a goldendoodle.” Anderson said the varieties have been bred to survive in different conditions: Merino thrive in areas with lots of vegetation and more stable climates, while the U.S. sheep are better suited to drier conditions and harsher, more variable seasons. It’s an opportunity for you to catch up on stories you might have missed in O.R.D., and for us to update ...read more, Help bust the myth. account? But it typically identifies its wool as 100 percent merino: “ [Customers] were getting confused,” Anderson said. •Must be comparable in size and reproduction potential to Rambouillets because lamb production cannotbt be compromi dised. In the other: wool from the closely related Rambouillet or Targhee merino sheep, the predominant type raised on American ranches. Known at various points in history as the French Merino and Rambouillet Merino, these names were a nod to the Rambouillet’s Merino origins. In fact, it is the French version of the Merino developed when Louis XVI imported 386 Spanish Merinos in 1786 for his estate at Rambouillet. “And New Zealand wool has a predictable, flat fiber. Each breed profile includes a photo of the animal and information about its origin and conservation status, as well as the weight, staple length, fiber diameter, and natural colors of its fleece. What we have in the States is a crossbreed. The Field Guide to Fleece (Storey Publishing, 2013), by Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius, is a great primer for beginners, and a handy guide for anyone who loves working with fleece! But it typically identifies its wool as 100 percent merino: “[Customers] were getting confused,” Anderson said. With this compact, portable reference in hand, crafters can quickly and easily look up any of 100 sheep breeds, the characteristics of their fleece, and the kinds of projects for which their fleece is best suited. The fibers are quite similar: Both are fine, soft, breathable and naturally odor-resistant. But softer, warmer bison down is poised to take over. The Rambouillet is a dual purpose sheep, producing a desirable carcass and good fine wool. International Subscribers - Click Here You may also use the Bill Me option and pay $17.95 for 6 issues. Rambouillet’s high grease content means the wool must be carefully cleaned using consistently hot water (don’t let the water cool off and redeposit the dissolved grease on the fiber); its willingness to felt means you must limit agitation. First imported to the United States in 1840, the breed was successfully molded through selective But not all wool is alike. Rita Samuelson, international wool/pelt marketing director for the American Sheep Industry Association, notes her phone has been ringing persistently with companies ...read more, The story behind the recent changes at merino apparel brand Icebreaker — including a new CEO and the consolidation of its global services headquarters in New Zealand — is a familiar one in the outdoor world. It felts easily. The tips often collect dirt. “We’re not trying to do a bait and switch, but it’s information overload.” Besides, “Rambouillet is still considered merino.”, Farm to Feet, purveyor of made-in-America wool socks, takes a similar approach. The Merino sheep family consists of several breeds, including the Delaine and Rambouillet. Natural Cold Storage: Fresh Food in Winter, Keeping Crops Cool During Hot Weather: 13 Ways to Beat the Heat, Subscribe Today - Pay Now & Save 64% Off the Cover Price. By paying with a credit card, you save an additional $5 and get 6 issues of MOTHER EARTH NEWS for only $12.95 (USA only). A start-up, niche business rapidly rises to find itself as one of the ...read more, Throughout the next month, SNEWS will recap its coverage of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014 with select stories from the O.R. Ibex sources its wool from New Zealand merino and U.S. Rambouillet and Targhee sheep, using finer fibers for baselayers and thicker, more durable fibers for midlayers and socks. Certainly, at the very beginning of its history, Rambouillet sheep were simply Merinos à la France. “On the planet, it’s the premier place for these animals to live,” he said, noting that climate, food and lack of stress on the sheep (read: no predators) combine to create a kind of terroir for wool. “Our biggest competitor is the idea in the U.S. that wool is itchy.”. It has bounce and life.” Every Duckworth shirt bears the label “Helle Rambouillet Fine American Wool.” “Just calling it merino doesn’t do either one of us justice,” said Pulkinnen. At MOTHER EARTH NEWS for 50 years and counting, we are dedicated to conserving our planet's natural resources while helping you conserve your financial resources. The first cross was expressed as 1/2 blood; the same applied for 3/8 blood and 1/4 blood. Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan is a Fort Collins-based freelance writer and editor who covers the outdoors, environment, health, science, and culture. The square, dense, flat-tipped staples have a well-defined crimp that’s somewhat less organized than a Merino’s. In the 1600s and 1700s, Spain had a lock on the fine wool market, thanks to their Merino sheep. Merino wool is warmer and generally softer than other wools. Rambouillet Sheep | Breed Profile. The Merino sheep family consists of several breeds, including the Delaine and Rambouillet. August 21, 2014 1 min read. A great wool to blend with luxury fibers, Rambouillet contributes elasticity without compromising softness. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. – Polartec, the premium provider of innovative textile solutions, announces the launch of Polartec® Power Wool™, the new fabric collection that optimizes the natural performance of wool with synthetic fibers in patented, plated bi-component knit constructions ...read more, Duckworth Develops Chemical-Free Shrink Resistant Wool Environmentally friendly process a breakthrough for the wool industry. Helle Rambouillet Merino Wool – Grown in Montana. “My friends in New Zealand would kill me, but the fiber is the fiber,” said Keith Anderson, vice president of marketing at Ibex.
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