Consult your dealer as technical engineering is required. • Check if the circuit breaker is tripped. Air conditioner does not cool as it should. Please consult authorised dealer. ( wireless remote ). Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. AC turn off immediately after a few seconds. A thermostat is an important unit in your aircon. • Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and replace the fuse or reset the breaker. What happens? (Wireless remote control display is dim or transmission signal is weak.). The unit stops and the TIMER indicator blinks; Panasonic VRF AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting, Panasonic Cassette Air Conditioner MANUAL PDF. Symptom: POWER indicator blinks before the unit is switched on. Dust accumulation inside indoor unit is discharged. float switch change ready. Higher than room temperature. 1. • Make sure the air conditioner plug is pushed completely into the outlet. • When the air conditioner is first turned on you need to allow time for the room to cool down. need a manual to find out how to change timer as the red. Before turning off it beeps 3 times. Operation in COOL mode is not working efficiently. 5. Set the temperature lower (or higher). Check aircon thermostat If you want to restore your Panasonic aircon, you may want to take a look at the thermostat. This is for operation check in order to confirm whether the fan motor rotation is within use range. • Cleaning is necessary because unit inside (heat exchanger) is dirty. The following symptoms do not indicate malfunction; Cause: Condensation effect due to cooling process. Cause:  Refrigerant fl ow inside the unit. Index: 1. Wait for 3 minute. if indoor on compressor start amp4’indoor cool. READ MORE > Why Panasonic. When central air conditioning service fails during a heat spell, you may have to wait days for an HVAC repair technician or an ac contractor to show up, and you’ll probably pay at least several hundred for the repair. Please consult authorised dealer. Cause:  The delay is a protection to the unit’s compressor. Consult to an electician. Remote control does not work. Operation is delayed a few minutes after restarting. if indoor on compressor start amp4’indoor cool. Reinstall unit or reinforce the installation. Symptom: The room has a peculiar odour Tilt unit to out side slightly, remove the foreign materials. 5. Do not turn the air conditioner on and off from the power mains switch. 10 possible causes and potential solutions . • Certain fluorescent lights may interfere with signal transmitter. Panasonic Air Conditioner. • Set the TEMP Control to a lower number. Symptom: Indoor fan stops occasionally during heating operation. When your air conditioning unit stops working, it might be a simple fix. Panasonic Air Conditioner CS-E12MKR. Certain fl uorescent lights may interfere with signal transmitter. Required fields are marked *. Fan is rotating for a while even though operation stops. Do not touch the air inlet or the sharp aluminum fi ns of the outdoor unit. • The delay is a protection to the unit’s compressor. Do not stick any object Operation is not acticated for the first approx. Panasonic Air conditioner remote control not working. Too much heat sources in room in cooling mode. • Make sure the receiver is not obstructed. Here is a list of split airconditioner control … Restricted heat exchanger. •This is a preliminary step in preparation for the operation when the ON timer has been set. ( wireless remote ), please send error codes for the model CS-U12TKQ, What is Panasonic error code u4 please I think its a gas problem. •Check if timers have been set. • Set the air conditioner's vent to the closed position. •This helps to remove the surrounding odour. When stopped by remote controller, outdoor unit fan is sometimes operating for a while even though outdoor compressor is stopped. • Make sure there are no curtains, blinds, or furniture blocking the front of the air conditioner. •The timer setting repeats daily once set. Although operation forced to stop when abnormality detected, emergency operation is possible for certain errors (refer to Error Codes Table) by using Remote Control or Auto Switch at indoor unit. All rights reserved. • Check for open furnace floor registers and cold air returns. Find solution. • Make sure the remote control signal transmission is within the range. The unit does not receive the signal from the remote control. Your email address will not be published. Wind-direction cannot be changed. Main unit duplication in simultaneous-operation multi control (detected outdoor unit), Automatic address alarm (capacity too low), Automatic address alarm (capacity too high), Compressor discharge temperature sensor (TD) trouble, Inlet temperature sensor (C1) in heat exchanger trouble, Intermediate temperature (C2) in heat exchanger trouble, Outdoor air temperature sensor (TO) trouble, Compressor inlet suction temperature sensor (TS) trouble, Outdoor unit nonvolatile memory (EEPROM) trouble, Primary current CT sensor (current sensor) failure, Sensor failure, Compressor discharge temperature sensor (TD) disconnected, Lack of INV compressor wiring, INV compressor actuation failure (including locked) due to DCCT failure, Clear any obstruction at the air inlet and air outlet vents, Check if the unit has been installed at an incline. 1. Split Airconditioner Control Troubleshooting Guide. Symptom: Operation is delayed a few minutes after restarting. • Check if the circuit breaker is tripped. Find information on our wide selection of air conditioner products, product releases, our quality control, and company history. Schematics / circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, block diagrams, printed wiring boards, exploded views, parts list, disassembly / assembly, service mode are usually included. Shorted or burned out. Do not stick anything into the air outlet of the outdoor unit. Panasonic CW-XC54HK air troubleshooting. Common Symptoms (6) Related Videos (3) Air conditioner not cooling. Everytime i start again, keeps turning off after beeping 3 times. Fan hitting cowling of foreign materials. Indoor odor components, cigarette odor and cosmetic odor accumurated in the air conditioner and its air is discharged. Panasonic Air Conditioner Service Manual guides you through the process. Whatever symptom your air conditioner is experiencing or not turning on, turn to the tables below for expert advice on troubleshooting the appliance. The tables were made by the engineers from the Panasonic Corporation as a source of information both for technicians and users.
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