That FG5 sounds great.... the other video is an FG3? I’m looking to by my first acoustic. Checked out some videos and liked what I heard. I'll get one anyway. I'd advise folks interested in the old Yams to consider the gold label ones from the early to mid 70s and the black label ones from the late 70s and search out ones that have some good saddle showing, these guitars are the same body as the red label ones and very affordable, don't worry about Japan or Taiwan made either, they are just as good, and lots of fun, my beach guitar #2 will knock you over at 20 paces, beach guitar #1 will go head to head with a decent D35, both have been scalloped, which is not hard to do. I was shopping for a used Martin or Gibson but now I'm wondering if I should wait for one of these. Would save me at least a few hundred bucks over something like a D-18 or J-45. I've been trying out a bunch of Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Larrivee, etc., and the Yamaha's were easily the best, IMO. (And I love it!) Share. I can't remember the name of the store but it was in Madrid. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 3,078 756 3. An Unofficial forum for those who love Martin instruments - Founded by Steve Stallings. I just got my FGX5 yesterday! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Martin OODB JT Gibson J45 Yamaha LLTA Yamaha SLG200S Yamaha NTX1200R Taylor GSMiniE Rosewood Joe Brown Uke AER Compact 60 Marshall AS50D Now 100% Acoustic and loving it ! They have a very distinctive upper mid-range, which really doesn’t have any parallels among other guitar manufacturers. Lots of hype but a big letdown. SalFromChatham. 24 posts 1; 2; Next; New Yamaha FG5 New Yamaha FG5. I played the FGX5 and the FGX3 at a local music store back in July and loved em, but wasn't quite ready to buy then... And they got bought up pretty quickly. Martins have a fantastic sound if you like the Martin sound. From what I've seen the first batch hit stateside around July, second batch just hit end of September or so. I wouldn't pay 1k for a new one when I could find an OG for 150-400. I still have it today but I rarely play it. I've been trying to get my hands on the FG5/FGX5 to see how much better they are than the FG3/FGX3. No surprise to me that these will be a homerun for Yamaha and the new scalloped bracing in these new Yamaha's was a game changer for me, so much so that i brought a new one home (FG-800) last winter. It doesn't have much saddle left. He has martins, gibbies, all kind of other stuff. Guitar Center says it would ship 9/30. Welcome to r/guitar, a community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information and entertainment. Registered Member. A few years later I had to have a Martin, after all that is what everyone played, so I bought a D-18 for 400. And I belive the 5 series has a wood pickguard. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. 3,078 756 3. After my research online I thought I’d end up with a Martin. Post Aug 13, 2019 #1 2019-08-13T09:21. $1100 price tag seems reasonable for sure. If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field or ask the community. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. "I wanna buy a bunch of guitars man, I wanna get a Fender.. nah I don't really like Fenders.. Looks like a new guitar but I can't tell if it's released and sold out or if it hasn't even released yet. My first guitar was a Yamie, back in 1969 I paid a hundred bucks for an FG-150 which I still have and still play. SalFromChatham. Tbh, I don't think they look all that impressive aesthetically, but I've fallen in love with these things. Really nice, balanced sound that projects very well. Interesting thread going on here seems relevant. I've been trying out a bunch of Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Larrivee, etc., and the Yamaha's were easily the best, IMO. "- Tommy Chong. Going to see if I can hunt one down this weekend and give it a test drive. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. All solid woods too! Really nice, balanced sound that projects very well. Good find. The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum > Guitars > The Guitar Critic's Corner > New Yamaha FG5. As far as wood for acoustics, he said alot of the stuff is hype.
2020 yamaha fg5 vs martin d18